Repertory 60 Gentlemen
Photo Courtesy Abigail Photos

Students and parents are encouraged to reach out to the Artistic Director, Managing Director, or other appropriate party if they have any concerns or questions.

Communications Table

Subject Who to Contact Contact Information
General GMDT Questions/Information BAND APP
General GMDT Concerns GMDT Board of Directors GMDT Board
Production, Participation
Placement, Conduct
Artistic Director
Assistant Artistic Director
Ashleigh Whitworth
Gray Stoner
Financial Obligations
Managing Director Beth Hughes
Ticket Purchasing Questions Ticket Committee Ticket Committee
Volunteer Committees Guild Chair(s) Guild Chair
GDC Related Questions/Concerns
(Class, Tuition, Recital)
GDC School Manager Tori Hines

Where We Are

Georgia Metropolitan Dance Theatre
49 West Park Square
Marietta, GA 30060
Telephone: 678 287 9020